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Content Ideas from Anita O'Malley "Blogging for Thought Leadership" Meetup

Lists never get old - and they get you referrals

Comment on an industry news story

Answer most common customer questions

Call three customers, colleagues, or partners and ask one question

Review an upcoming industry event

Comment on favorite publications and websites

Provide a step-by-step guide

Use a guest blogger: a win/win

Interview an industry luminary

This is just the beginning! Check out the full Blog Worksheet and if you're interested in learning more about this topic, don't forget to subscribe to Anita's newsletter for Social Media Business Tips.

BONUS: SEO Tip for using a blog post on multiple URLs:

For example, if you want the same blog post to appear in different categories of your website and you want each category page to index, on any of the duplicate pages use the “canonical” tag inside the <head> </head> tags as follows: 

<link rel=“canonical” href=“(url to the original content page)”/>

This tells google that its a purposeful duplicate page and it won’t be Penalized and still indexed. 

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